C. Garner's Kennels
Cali Mills
Cali Pits
Camelot Pits
Camp Grove Kennels
Canine Nutrition International
Canine Performance Nutrition
Caragan Kennel
Carolina GameDogs
Catch Dog Enterprises
CBS Kennels
CDPits Weight Pull Harnesses
Cenla Boyz Kennel
Central Boys'
Central Gamedogs
Central Valley Kennels
Chain Gang Kennel
Champ Bound Kennels
Champion Game Pitz
Chaos Kennel of Illinois
Chopper Dan's Kennels
Chute Boxxe Kennels
Clair's Pit Bull Emporium
Clark's Choice Catchdogs
Coe's Pitts
Colossal Miller Pits
Connecticut PitBull Rescue
Crawford Kennels
Creation Kennels
Crenshaw Home
Cruz Kennels
Cypress Kennels

D & C Pit Bulls
D & J Pits
D. Be Doggin' Pet Suppliers
Dakota Puppy Dog
Dalinkwent Kennel
Danger613 Kennels
Danger Boy Kennel
Dead Game
Dean's Wood County Kennels
Death Before Dishonor Kennel
Death Row Kennels
Dee Man Kennels
Deep South Kennels
Delaware Dream Pits
Destiny Pits Kennel
Devil's Own Kennels
DK Medici Kennels
Dog Owner's Guide: The American Pit Bull Terrier
Dog Sports Magazine Online
Doing It Big Kennels
Dominican Dangerous Kennels
Doo Wop Kennels Mexico
Down and Dirty Kennels
Dramacide Kennels
Dream Pit Kennels
Dred Lok Kennels
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Dyno's Pit Bull Page

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